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At the end of the day it will be our decisions that make the difference between success or failure.

We provide decision services and crowd intelligence research.

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Nearly 100% of companies have implemented projects to improve information and communication processes.

Less than 5% of companies have digitally enabled and optimized
decision processes.

Source: Crowd Intelligence Institute 2016/2017

Create a secure SaaS decision platform
Understand your decisions and organisation.

Flexibly organize decision processes and specify scope, timing and teams for each decision. Create transparency and compliance to speed up your processes. Start now, scale your costs and rely on powerful security standards.

Utilize crowd intelligence to optimize your decisions
Use emerging technologies to enable the crowd.

Deploy an easy to use decision methodology and benefit from collective know-how and experience. Connect information and learn from your organization. Speed up communication and get real time information.

Conduct decision intelligence and analytics
Benefit from algorithms and language processing.

Substantiate and test decisions, identify critical factors and provide well-founded reasons for each decision. Use system generated suggestions and find reasons why you or your team made a decision.

We believe in the intelligence of heterogeneous groups.


We believe in the idea of working together to realize shared goals.


We believe in the motivational power of joint decisions.


We believe in big data and the value individual knowledge represents.


We believe in protection of intellectual property rights.

Crowd Collaboration Integration Analytics Security

Make better

Fully utilize crowd intelligence within your organization and create a decision learning curve.


Increase decision

Optimize the allocation of decision resources and accelerate decision processes.


Create decision

Fully understand and shape the decision logic of your business and organization.

Reduce man hours per decision by over 90%.

Speed up decision time by a factor of 10 and more and outpace competition.

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Long history of decision research

Decision research has become more and more a interdisciplinary research field to fully understand human decision-making.

The dominance of rational choice theory

The rational choice theory prevailed for a long time. Researchs revealed that rational decisions are often not feasible due to specific constraints.

Cognitive biases impact decision-making

Humans tend to make systematic errors in thinking or reasoning, which can lead to bad decisions. Therefore an approach to mitigate bias effects is crucial.

Crowd intelligence approach

Technology-based utilization of the wisdom of the crowd, or, as we term it, crowd intelligence can help to substantially improve decision-making.
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